I recently made some hard drive edits and removed an unused Linux partition.  I knew that the partition contained my bootloader and was planning on rebuilding it on a different partition.  Little did i know that windows had other plans for me.  It did a nifty little update on me that forced a reboot.  I walked away for all of ten minutes and came back with a nice error message greeting me.

Normally that would have called for a system rebuild or some drastic measures, but after searching for a few minutes, I found a nifty utility specifically made for fixing boot loaders.

Boot-Repair-Disk from sourceforge is a nifty little tool.  Normally you have to write it to a cd and boot up to that, but another handy utlity helped me out.

UNetbootin is a tool that allows you to take a cd image and boot it from a USB drive.  A few clicks and a usb stick and it was off to the races.

I loaded up the bootable drive and clicked the button to fix my boot loader.  Within a minute or so, it scanned my system and rebuilt my boot loader from scratch.  In fact, i’ve never had a windows rescue cd ever rebuild it that fast.  I’ll be using this in the future if I ever need to rebuild a boot loader.

Until Next Time.